Men's Blue Watches

While we don't have a "Blue Phase" per se, we do have a wide selection of blue watches that bring chill vibes to any outfit. When looking for a blue watch, you can take a few different approaches. You could choose a blue face watch that contrasts the dial with various metallic finishes. Blue dial watches look very refined when paired with a gold case and band, for example. A blue dial watch with a silver case and band takes more of a dive watch aesthetic. If you want something streetwear-inspired, an all-over blue watch puts a stylish pop of color on your wrist.

Men's blue watches also come in digital. A blue digital watch from Nixon gives you a modern, sporty look. Many of our digital watches have surf functionality for those looking to spend time in the water.

Men's blue face watches from Nixon let you wear your favorite color in various configurations to get the personalized look you want.