Men's Chronograph Watches

Men's chronograph watches are some of the most sought-after timepieces because of their intricate construction and detailed look. It's difficult to ignore a watch that has so much to admire on the case and dial. What is a chronograph watch, and why are they the choice of style-conscious men everywhere?

A chronograph watch is a watch with more than one function on the dial. These "subdials" can tell anything from the day or month to secondary time zones. Chronographs can have stopwatch functionality or let divers know how much time they have left underwater. These complications or subdials can be made to fit the watch's purpose.

Our chronograph watches offer a modern twist on a classic look. Men's chronograph watches typically feature three subdials, but we mix it up with additional dial and hand details that show this is no off-the-shelf watch. This is a team-designed, custom-built Nixon chronograph.

We make chronograph watches for men with stainless steel and leather bands. Which one you choose depends on your preference and what you intend to do with your watch. Chronographs with leather bands offer an upscale elegance, but a stainless steel band is refined and bold. You can also wear your metal-band chronograph in wet conditions, where water is a no-go for leather.

With this in mind, you can now go about making the choice of which men's chronograph watch is right for you. If you're after a statement timepiece, a chronograph is one of the boldest you can make. Say it loud with one from Nixon.