New Watches for Men

Nixon is always scheming on new things we think you'd love. Check out our latest additions to the watch line and find your new favorite Nixon men's watch. Whether it's an exciting new color for our existing watch lines or a completely new model, you can always find a fresh new look.

When picking your next Nixon, you can rest assured that you will be getting something team-designed, custom-built, whether you go with one of the men's chronograph watches, men's digital watches, or one of our other many great styles. If you’re looking for a new men's watch these latest editions will also allow you to get something very few already have.

Shop our newest men's watches and find the latest addition to your look, or a great gift that’s guaranteed to score a win. But make sure not to wait too long or you might miss out on the chance to get your new watch. Of course if you do, rest easy, Nixon has a wide selection of awesome men's watches to choose from 24/7.