Men's Oversized Watches

There's no better way to make a statement than a bold, oversized Nixon watch. All of our men's watches are built with style, quality, and intricate attention to detail. However, if you truly want to get noticed, a men's big face watch is a great way to do it. With a number of large face watch options, Nixon's line of oversized men's watches feature big dials that make big statements. When buying a large face watch, consider the width and shape of the dial. Many of our largest watches are designed with the crown and pusher on the left side of the dial for increased comfort on your wrist.

Men's oversized watches make for a great accessory for big men looking for an appropriately sized watch. But a large face watch can look super cool on smaller wrists as well and provide the benefit of a big, easy to read dial. Make a large Nixon watch your statement piece of choice and enjoy the compliments that are bound to come as no one will be able to miss it. Whether it becomes your main watch or one reserved for special occasions, any of these oversized watches will soon become your favorite to wear.