Men's Waterproof Watches

With 100-meter water resistance rating, Nixon's collection of men's waterproof watches can take you from the street to the surf in style. Wear your watch everyday and rest easy knowing it can withstand heavy rain and sweat. When you're ready for a surf or just want to spend a day at the beach, these timepieces will power through almost anything you throw at them. And on top of their waterproof functionality, Nixon's mens watches are intricately designed to look great on and off the beach.

Don't let the robust features fool you into thinking these are strictly sports watches. A big focus at Nixon is to make sure our watches pack enough style to become your favorite watch no matter the day or use. That's why many of our silicone band watches for men aren't your usual casual looks you can only get away with on your day off. Explore all our watch options to find the perfect fit for yourself or a special person in your life.