Sustainable Watch Bands

Being environmentally conscious in material choices is a high priority for Nixon. We've done extensive research to find the right partners to help us make quality watch bands out of alternative materials. Our sustainable watch band offering comprises three different materials: pineapple leather, #TIDE recycled plastics, and standard recycled plastics. Pineapple leather is a relatively new material made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, PLA, and resin. This PETA-approved, vegan material can do anything natural leather can do, including making beautiful eco-friendly watch straps. The second is our #TIDE recycled plastic nylon. For this watch band material, we exclusively use plastic waste destined to wind up in the ocean. By partnering with local seaside recycling programs, we can get the material needed to make stylish and durable recycled watch bands while keeping our ocean playground cleaner. Finally, we use standard RPET (recycled plastic) for other nylon watch straps. While the raw, recycled material comes from a broader range of sources, it still reduces our watch bands' environmental impact. Our sustainability efforts don't stop here, and with your support, we can continue to look for innovative ways to take care of our planet while still making great products.