Women's Classic Watches

Women's Classic Watches. Essential watches from us mean you can expect to find form, design and utility in a telltale Nixon style. Whether you need a no nonsense watch that you can wear to the office or you simply prefer the appearance of all the classic details that you may find on an old watch, you can find a great Nixon watch you'll love here. As with all women's watches from Nixon, you can expect to find great details that make your watch stand out and quality that will last for years of you wearing the watch.

Although nothing beats our classic watches for women, we also have other watch options suitable for daily wear. For example, women's leather watches are a great choice for someone looking for a quality watch with minimal bells and whistles. But no matter which watch you choose, you are guaranteed a premium product that you or anyone you're giving the watch to will enjoy. And for even more Nixon gear everyone loves, check out our clothing & accessories.