Women's Gold Watches

Make the ultimate statement with a women's gold watch. Powerful, confident, daring — when you go for the gold, you're choosing to get noticed. Nixon's gold watches for women span our entire collection. We make it possible for anyone to get the look they want with the sheen that they love.

Gold analog watches for women range from clean to complex. Pick from a minimalist silhouette for a bit of understated glamour. Or you could go big and pick a gold chronograph, adding complications and details to your audacious accessory.

Digital gold watches have a few different appeals. There's the retro gold digital look, which transports you back to the 1980s. Then there's the modern interpretation, which updates the gold digital watch to the 21st century.

When deciding which women's gold watch to get, your next choice is whether you're going to get gold-on-gold or pick something with some contrast. Black and gold women's watches have a more masculine vibe, whereas a contrasting face like blue or green feels much more feminine. Gold-on-gold is a tried and true classic; you can't miss with the all-over look. The gold has the spotlight, let it shine.

Finally, you need to pick a leather or metal band. Metal banded gold watches give you more shine, but a leather band offers a bit of warmth in the natural material that metal can't provide.

Ladies, whatever gold watch you choose, know that you're getting much more than a chic timepiece. It comes with a lot of attention, too.