Women's Leather Watches

There are few styles of watches that look as elegant and stylish as leather band watches. Our women's leather watches are no exception and can elevate the look of any outfit. Whether you are eyeing Nixon’s brown leather watches or want the elegance of a black leather watch, we have you covered. But if you love the look and feel of leather and want something unique, we also have fun options like women's gray leather watches and even blue leather watches.

While you can't go wrong with a classy leather band for your new favorite timepiece, Nixon has many other women's watches for you to choose from as well. From stainless steel watches to the more rugged and modern digital watches, there’s something to fit everyone's taste. No matter which style option works for you, though, you can rest assured that each product will feature the Nixon quality and style you love. Nixon also offers replacement leather watch bands if you are looking to swap a band on an existing watch. So whether you need a new favorite watch or are picking out a gift for someone special, Nixon is the perfect choice.