Women's Waterproof Watches

With 100-meter water resistance rating, Nixon's collection of women's waterproof watches can take you from the street to the depths of the ocean. Whether you're a daily surfer who needs her watch to look great even once she gets off the beach, or if you just need a cute watch that handles the occasional dip in the water, these water resistant watches will do the trick. Unlike your average ladies' water-resistant watch, Nixon's waterproof watches for women are built with a serious surfer in mind and are designed for regular exposure to water.

Of course, you can always find many white waterproof watch and black waterproof watch choices, but don’t forget to think about adding a pop of color with some of our more colorful choices. if none of these women's watches speak to you, there are also gold waterproof watches, found in our women's gold watches category. and if you need a true surfing watch, we have great women's surfing watches to track tides and much more.